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Online Classes That Work

With TimetoLearn.mt we are on a mission to provide easily accessible learning by professional and dedicated Maltese teachers whom we recruit with great care in the interest of our students.

Advantages of Online Learning

  • Less travelling,

  • Instantaneous feedback loops inside our platforms which are provided by other online students or the platform improve the learning curve,

  • Offer shy or introvert individuals the opportunity to participate in class discussions more easily than face-to-face class sessions,

  • More affordable prices,

  • Study from anywhere.

Beginner Classes

The aim of our beginner classes is to enable the learner to understand the basics of the subject.

Duration for this course is 10 weeks, next cohort starting in April 2021.

SEC ClasseS

Timetolearn.mt provides SEC courses of which Maltese, Maths, Physics, English, Spanish, Italian, Computing, Accounts and other subjects. These courses will prepare students for the Ordinary Level exams provided by the Matsec unit, University of Malta, by aiding them in acquiring the needed knowledge, skills and competences on the subjects pursued.

Duration for these courses is 20 weeks, next cohort starting in September 2021.

SEC Revision classes

SEC Revision classes will prepare students who need to sit for a Resit for the Ordinary Level exams provided by the Matsec unit, University of Malta. These classes will emphasise on the learning gaps of each individual student whilst working through past papers.

Duration for these courses is 10 weeks, next cohort starting in July 2021.

WellBeing classes

In this series of courses we provide classes focusing on the mental and physical wellbeing of adults.

Join us for these 10 week courses starting in June 2021.

Conversation classes

The aim of conversation classes is to enhance language speaking competencies. Participants will be given the opportunity to speak on different topics during their lessons to practice the language. Students will engage themselves in conversation and will be encouraged to explain their ideas verbally.

Duration for these courses is 20 weeks, next cohort starting in September 2021.


Need help with tricky concepts, revision of specific topics or need to prepare for an upcoming exam? Our tutors can provide tailor made sessions for you.

These sessions are very flexible where we will identify tutor according to the student's availability. We recommend a weekly session of 90 minutes.

Tips for Online Learning

Through our experience both as educators and parents, we have compiled the following tips that can help students excel in their studies whilst enjoying their free time. Self regulation is much more important when studying online or at home

  • Establish a study schedule,

  • Take short breaks between study sessions,

  • Keep an organised learning environment,

  • Put away distracting technology,

  • Engage in activites that encourage mential and physical activity,

  • Get advise from other students and/or parents.

Contact us to get more details on how to learn online.